AKA the Bloop Troop

The modifiers are the creative heart of blooper, allowing you to contort and reimagine your loops.

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  • Smooth Speed

    Smooth Speed enjoys bending time in a fluid, organic way reminiscent of a tape machine. It excels at slowing things to a crawl.

  • Dropper

    Oop! Dropper is your clumsy saboteur, injecting moments of silence into your loop. Each drop varies in smoothness and duration.

  • Trimmer

    Trimmer makes that big old loop of yours littler. Handy for tweaking timing, creating interruptions, or discovering loops within loops.

  • Stepped Speed

    Stepped Speed is all about efficiency and precision. Speed up or slow your loops in musical steps of fifths and octaves.

  • Scrambler

    Scrambler just can’t keep it together, breaking up the timeline of your loop, jumping here and there to create patterns or random departures.

  • Filter

    Loop feeling busy? Shrill? Big whoop. Pop on the dual-mode Filter and tidy things up to mellow those pesky highs or create space in the lows.

  • Swapper

    Once you swap, the fun don’t stop. Swapper allows you to replace parts of your loop, either manually, or with your playing dynamics.

  • Stutter

    DJ time. Stutter—sometimes known as beat repeat—latches onto the current moment and repeats it, like scratching a record.

  • Stepped Trimmer

    Stepped Trimmer allows you to shrink your loop by precise subdivisions, so your adjustments fit nicely into rhythm.

  • Stretcher

    Stretcher allows you to explore the microscopic world hiding within each loop or condense it into a blur. All without affecting pitch!

  • Stopper

    All good things come to an end. Stopper eases that transition, introducing either a volume fade or a tape stop.

  • Pitcher

    Pitcher allows you to transpose your loop without changing the speed, with an outrageous three octave range up or down.